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  InTouch for Classic under OS X  InTouch Icon
(an OS X version is available)

General Macintosh support:

1) Installing Classic on an OS X computer.

2) Solving printing problems with Classic under OS X.

InTouch 2.5.3 and prior
1. The updater for InTouch from versions 2.5 - 2.5.2 to 2.5.3 will not work in Classic Mode under OS X. If you think you need this version, contact our Support Department by e-mail.
2. InTouch 2.5.2 and OS 8 - my menus show bar codes instead of normal text.
3. When using InTouch you experience problems with the command keys listed below. You will not have the problem if you select these items from the Edit menu, only if you use the keyboard. To solve this problem import the InTouch shortcuts provided into the InTouch keyset. Version 3.5 to 5.0 of QuicKeys is required.
Cut Command-X Cuts twice - first cut clears selection and puts it on the clipboard, second cut has nothing selected so clipboard is cleared
Copy Command-C Shouldn't be a problem - added just in case
Paste Command-V Pastes what's on the clipboard twice
Undo Command-Z Undo is called twice - first undo puts text back into previous state and second undo puts text back to the way it was before you started the undo.
Prairie Group Shortcuts for QuicKeys
4. If you receive a "Not enough memory" or similar error message when trying to print from InTouch using an HP or similar printer or when opening under OS 9.1 or 9.2, try downloading this:
InTouch Memory Solution Addendum to Read Me file: be sure to install it in the OS 9 System Folder, not the OS X System (which folder name does not include the word 'folder').