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DateView for Classic under OS X  DateView Icon

General Macintosh support:

1) Installing Classic on an OS X computer.

2) Solving printing problems with Classic under OS X.

DateView 2.6 and prior
1. When using DateView you experience problems with the command keys listed below. You will not have the problem if you select these items from the DateView menu, only if you use the keyboard. To solve this problem import the DateView shortcuts provided into the DateView keyset. Version 3.5 to 5.0 of QuicKeys for OS 9 is required.
Find... Command-F Find dialog comes up twice
Find Again Command-G Skips every other matching item
Go To InTouch Command-I Tries to bring up InTouch twice
Pending/Completed Command-K Doesn't toggle the state
Link To InTouch... Command-L Link dialog comes up twice
Modify Event... Command-M Event dialog comes up twice
New Event... Command-N Event dialog comes up twice
Print... Command-P Print dialog comes up twice
Save Command-S Tries to save twice
Prairie Group Shortcuts for QuicKeys
2. If you receive a "Not enough memory" or similar error message when trying to print from DateView using an HP or similar printer, try downloading this:
DateView Memory Solution. Addendum to Read Me file: be sure to install it in the OS 9 System Folder, not the OS X System (which folder name does not include the word 'folder').
3. Let us know if you get the error message "An error occurred while attempting to add a reminder. The reminder was not added." Before contacting us, do the following. Restart your computer and watch the row of icons that appear along the bottom of your screen. In particular watch for the Remind Me icon. It's a hand with the index finger pointing upward with a string tied around it. Does it have a big red X across the icon? Include this information when you contact Prairie Group tech support by e-mail.
4. Where can I find holiday files that I can import into DateView? Go to our download page, called Demos/Updates. Then click on DateView for OS 9 and select Holiday Files.
5. Reminder windows will open in front of all OS 9 windows, but behind all OS X windows. Because of this it is important to use distinctive sounds for the alarms. To get to the Reminder window, it is best to move any OS X windows out of the way or collapse them to the Dock.