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DiskTop for Classic under OS X  DiskTop Icon

General Macintosh support:

1) Installing Classic on an OS X computer.

2) Solving printing problems with Classic under OS X.

DiskTop 4.5.3 and prior
1. There is no updater to version 4.5.3 from 4.5, 4.5.1 or 4.5.2 that is compatible with Classic under OS X. If you need this update, contact our Sales Department and state what you need. There is a small charge for this solution. Alternatively, you can contact our Support Department and ask how to transfer your files from your OS 9 computer to the Classic portion of your OS X computer.
2. If you need a new copy of CEToolbox, go to the Demos/Updates section of this Web site and scroll down to "Other files" at the very bottom of the page.
3. If when using DiskTop you experience problems with the command keys listed below, you are experiencing an unusual problem caused by a conflict between the operating system, your hardware, and a desk accessory, such as DiskTop. You will not have the problem if you select these items from the DiskTop menu. The problem only occurs if you use the keyboard. To solve this problem import the DiskTop shortcuts provided into the DiskTop keyset. Version 3.5 to 5.0 of QuicKeys for OS 9 is required.
Get Info... Command-I Get Info dialog comes up twice
Path... Command-L Path dialog comes up twice
New Folder· Command-N New Folder dialog comes up twice
Print List· Command-P Print dialog comes up twice
Prairie Group Shortcuts for QuicKeys
4. If you receive a "Not enough memory" or similar error message when trying to print from DiskTop using an HP or similar printer or when opening under OS 9.1 try downloading this:

DiskTop Memory Solution Addendum to Read Me file: be sure to install it in the OS 9 System Folder, not the OS X System (which folder name does not include the word 'folder').
5. When using the Path function, the Print does not start until you close the Path window.
6. Problems that occur only when DiskTop is used in Classic Mode under OS X:
  You cannot double click a file in DiskTop to launch or open it. It will hang requiring a Force Quit of Classic.
Functions that appear to work:
  a) Find, Size and Rename.
  b) Get Info (for reading the info only, though setting Type/Creator on OS 9 files does work).
  c) Path.
  d) DT Launch (at least for OS 9 files).
Functions not yet tested:
  Copy, Move, and Delete
  Get Info (for modifying OS X files).
  Restart and Shutdown.

The advantage or disadvantage of DiskTop in Classic Mode under OS X is that it finds invisible files and seems to ignore all OS X security. [This is not to be used by novices or for nefarious purposes.]