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  December 17, 2003

Copyright © 1985-1993, 99, 03 Prairie Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Welcome to the Read Me file for CalendarMaker® Version 4.5.3

- - - - - -

Installation will install the CalendarMaker application and related files. Normal installation requires approximately 2.8 megabytes of hard drive space.

The Installation instructions included in the manual refer to an older version of this software. These are revised installation instructions.

For operating systems prior to OS X, drag the folder named "CalendarMaker 4.5.3f" to your hard disk.

If you are running OS X and have OS 9 installed on the same hard drive or partition, drag the folder named "CalendarMaker 4.5.3f" to the Applications folder.

If you are running OS X and have OS 9 on a separate drive or partition, drag the folder named "CalendarMaker 4.5.3f" to that hard drive or partition.

If you are upgrading or updating from a prior version, you should remove such prior version from your hard drive, being careful to not discard any of your calendar documents, custom icon files created with IconMover, or other art work.

If you have any questions about CalendarMaker, please read the Appendix in the manual which contains the answers to frequently asked questions.

- - - - - -

CalendarMaker requires:
* Macintosh Plus, 68020, 68030, 68040, Power PC, G3, G4 or G5
* System 6.0.5 through Mac OS 9.2.2
* System 7.x through MacOS 9.2.2 for HTML functions
* QuickTime 2.0 or later for HTML functions
* A minimum of 4 megabytes of available memory

- - - - - -

CalendarMaker runs under OS X as a Classic application. Many printers, particularly USB printers, cannot be used from Classic applications. If your printer does not work, use the following steps:

(1) First make sure that you have selected a printer by selecting Chooser from OS 9's Apple menu. (This is a separate set-up requirement in addition to setting up your printer for OS X.) If this does not help, then continue with these steps.

(2) Switch to the page you want to print.

(3) Choose "Save As" from the File menu, change the type from "CalendarMaker document" to "Color PICT," name the file for the month being printed, and save to the desktop.

(4) Open the color picture file by using the Open command in Apple's Preview application, and print.

- - - - - -

The HTML language limits our ability to move everything from your calendar into a Web page.

* Only monthly calendars are supported.

* Floating notes are not included in the Web page.

* Font changes, border attributes and patterns, and other details will not appear in the web page.

* You will be able to add a message at the bottom, and a person to contact with e-mail address.

* All icons and pictures are saved in JPEG format with a number and suffix added to them. If you are saving the calendar as "MyCalendar", the first picture will be saved in a file called "MyCalendar_1.jpg", the second in "MyCalendar_2.jpg", etc.

- - - - - -

* If Fifth Generation's Suitcase and Adobe's Type Reunion are used together, Suitcase must load before Type Reunion. If Suitcase is loaded after Type Reunion, fonts will not be displayed properly in the Font menu.

* Aladdin's SpaceSaver version 4.5 (part of StuffIt Deluxe) is totally incompatible with CalendarMaker. Saved files will be unreadable.

- - - - - -

* Check our Web site, www.prgrsoft.com, for holidays that can be easily imported into your calendar. They are available as Bonus Files on the same page as Demos/Updates.

- - - - - -

* CalendarMaker requires approximately 2.8 megabytes of hard drive space. Slightly less than 1.0 megabytes of this is a folder called Layouts which is stored inside your CalendarMaker folder. Within this folder there are several other folders, two of which are named "Mon-Sun Weeks" and "Sun-Sat Weeks." If you are always going to consider Monday the first day of the week, then you can delete the "Sun-Sat Weeks" folder. Likewise, if you are always going to consider Sunday the first day of the week, then you can delete the "Mon-Sun Weeks" folder. Deleting one of these folders will free up approximately 325 KB.

- - - - - -

* CalendarMaker 3 events can now be imported with style information preserved. Floating Notes will be converted to the proper starting date position. Icons will be imported if the icon file referenced in the CalendarMaker 3 document can be found in the same folder as the document being imported.

- - - - - -

Enhancements in CalendarMaker 4.5.3

* Able to recognize and work around some forms of file corruption

- - - - - -
Enhancements in CalendarMaker 4.5.2

* If you had the option for Week Style set to Monday - Sunday the HTML output would not be generated correctly for months that began on Sunday.

* If you had the option for Week Style set to Monday - Friday the HTML output would not be generated correctly for months that began on Saturday.

- - - - - -
Enhancements in CalendarMaker 4.5.1

* If you had a repeating event and manually removed one of the events it would still show up in the HTML output.

* Reintroduced the program IconMoverô as a convenient way to create, edit and share icons.

- - - - - -
Enhancements in CalendarMaker 4.5

* Calendars can now be saved as "HTML" files to create a Web page of the calendar.

* Double-clicking on a header will open the "component designer" to set the format.

* The "text" portion of month or year headers can be on a separate line.

* Installer application to easily select which layouts and art to include.

* Warn the user before changing layouts that header formatting and monthly pictures will be lost.

* Can read partially damaged calendar files.

* A "New folder" button is added to the "Save As" window.

- - - - - -
Enhancements in CalendarMaker 4.1.2

* Calendars are completely rewritten on every save and verified to protect data integrity.

- - - - - -
Enhancements in CalendarMaker 4.1 v1 (also known as 4.1.1)

* Changed Save and Save As to compact files when needed.

* Changed CalendarMaker Help to properly display text in Make Demo item.

* Frames for events and the background now default to "No Borders."

* Many changes have occurred increasing the speed of CalendarMaker.

* Two month calendars now advance one month at a time.

CalendarMaker is a U.S. Registered trademark of Prairie Group, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.