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Order Online - Purchase Order Information

Purchase orders represent a significant added expense, both to us and to you. This is particularly true in relation to the average cost of one of our products.

We charge a service fee of $25.00 for purchase orders under $100.00.

Further, purchase orders that contain contractual terms not directly pertaining to the product or its delivery will generally not be accepted. An example of a non-acceptable term and condition is a school district in one eastern state would have required us to file quarterly affirmative action statements with its state's affirmative action board. Since we comply with both federal and our state's affirmative action laws, we felt this was an unnecessary burden for a one-time sale of $50.00.

Further, many purchase orders require our Federal ID number. The IRS stipulates that we must supply our ID number if you are purchasing services from us in excess of $600 per year. Since we are selling a product, not a service, our Federal ID number is not required. In these days of rampant identity theft, both individual and business, it is unwise to give out either a Social Security number or a Federal ID number except when required by federal law. Since federal law does not require you to have our Federal ID number, we require certification from you describing the security and access restrictions that you have on your vendors' Federal ID numbers.

We appreciate having you as a customer, but we urge you to take the economical choice and purchase directly from our e-store using a credit card.

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